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CIA Project Insectothopter & Project Ornithopter

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"The Insectothopter was a miniature unmanned aerial vehicle developed by the United States Central Intelligence Agency's research and development office in the 1970s. The Insectothopter was the size of a dragonfly, and was hand-painted to look like one. It was powered by a miniature fluidic oscillator to propel the wings up and down at the proper rate to provide both lift and thrust. A small amount of propellant produced gas to drive the oscillator, and extra thrust came from the excess gas vented out the rear. The project was abandoned when the Insectothopter was found to be too difficult to control in crosswinds.[1]"


From's Article: 10 Secret Military Intelligence Projects

Project Insectothopter & Ornithopter

"Similar to the Aquiline project, this was another attempt by the CIA to mimic the animal kingdom in the development of remote controlled aircraft. Project Ornithopter involved a birdlike drone designed to blend in with nature by flapping its wings. Another even smaller drone was designed to look like a crow that would land on window ledges and photograph, through the window, what was going on inside the building. Project Insectothopter took the concept to an even smaller animal – a drone designed to look like a dragonfly. Insectothopter was a green drone that flapped wings powered by miniature gas engines.

Not satisfied with mimicking mother nature – the CIA also used actual animals to do surveillance, including pigeons with “pigeon-cams” attached to their necks. Unfortunately, the birds were tired out by the extra weight of the cameras and returned to the CIA base on foot – too tired to fly (the project was abandoned). Maybe the strangest project of all was Project Acoustic Kitty, which placed acoustic listening devices on household cats. That project was abandoned when the cats strayed too far off target searching for food, and one was run over by a car.[2]"


Modern Day Insectothopter - Ornithopter

As seen above there is already compelling evidence that the CIA & US military are interested in weaponizing the animal kingdom (See also: Project: Acoustic Kitty). The most up to date versions of this sort of thing involves live birds and insects with radio frequency implants, which provides surveillance data and ability to control animals and insects. There is now a CIA database of animal and insect body movements to be cloned by operational artificial intelligence into live animals/insects to carry out objectives.

Through advanced frequency science[3] it is possible to turn the senses of a living being into surveillance channels, effectively turning the brain into a surveillance device. The brain itself is the transmitter while clandestine artificial intelligence processes the electromagnetic frequency data surveilled. The contents of the mind of any living being can be neurally monitored by end game frequency science (See: remote neural monitoring patent from the 1970s).


Weaponization of the Animal Kingdom

With apex electromagnetic science live animals and insects are extremely effective covert operations tools. End game frequency science is likened to the power of God by insiders with true access to it's potency. Dubbed "Wonder Weapons" by military sources, directed energy can effectively control a venomous live source to attack an individual. This type of covert operation is centered around the nature of plausible deniability.

Improbable circumstances with animals and insects have also been known to be part of the experimentation and neuroweaponry targeting programs testified by targeted individuals.

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  1. Very nice. Not sure if you use as a resource or not, but if not, it's a great one. Tons of declassified files, books, videos, etc. I medically discharged from the army 3 years ago, discovered that site, gained a new-found thirst for knowledge, and my reality was completely transformed ever since. Just discovered your page so, about to check out more. Thanks for your efforts!

  2. Hi!
    It really appears to be adding more to the already secretive, yet vastly available, world wide detected and probed, related to the hidden and covertly operating brain control program that has become a parallel reality not just in the country of its origin but as far as India. The perpetrators are exactly the same as in their source country (US) and they monitor every bit of the brain's neuronal firing cluster oriented work that the Indian perpetrators are made to learn. The scope of their aim to get ahead withe the idea of a complete machine operated Transhuman world appears to be at a cusp of time in history that either shall get them to realize the mistakes that the fore founders of Illuminati committed at the China Lake meet in Canada or allow the users and innovators of these wireless, signal controlled, A.I source machine generated, signal based life form for all Plan-ET E-art-H based future life format.

    What is the scene that we can look forward to, being a T.I in advanced stage of neuro-morphed, exo-cortex controlled and brain stem growth monitored and respiration manipulated, victim can think of as a resort from this techno-science enabled invisible net of energy waves and consider returning to a more normal, human life?

    All the best!


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