Friday, February 24, 2017

Church Committee: CIA Heart Attack Gun

Former CIA Employee Discusses the 'Heart Attack' Assassination Gun, Made Public 1975

Transcription from the Video:

Former CIA Employee Mary Embree: “They wanted me to find out if there was such a thing as a poison that was undetectable, especially one that seemed to mimic a heart attack. That would kill someone but it would appear that they had a heart attack. I did find such a thing.”
Church Committee Chairman: “Does this pistol fire the dart?

CIA Representative: “Yes it does Mr. Chairman, and a special one was developed that which potentially would be able to enter the target without perception.”
Mary Embree: “The poison was frozen into some sort of dart, and then it was shot at very high speed into the person, so when it reached the person it would melt inside them, and the only thing would be one little tiny red dot on their body, which is hard to detect.”
Church Committee Chairman: “But also the toxin itself would not appear in the autopsy?”

CIA Representative: “Yes, so that there was no way of receiving that the target was hit.”

Modern Day Versions of the Heart Attack Gun:
The CIA Heart Attack gun uncovered by the Church Committee is an outdated but still effective method. The current preferred technology for covert heart attacks according to British whistleblower Dr. Barrie Trower is microwave technologies (pictured below).

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