Monday, November 21, 2016 Updates

Good News! From my own money and generous donations I have been able to secure the domain until the maximum allowable year of 2026.

Revamped Article:
CBS News; Declassified Documents Reveal Chemtrails Are Real

For the last weeks/months I have been tinkering with the graphics of and feel I have found an end game template for this website. What you see now is probably what it will be for many years to come.

I plan to further revamp the Philip J. Corso Page, after Corso every page will be updated from the original pages on this site to a high quality format...

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I am an underground music producer, independent author, graphic designer, filmmaker / videographer, de-occultist, activist, futurist, targeted individual, street historian, and researcher. I make futuristic psybient music and produce content exposing black project technology & covert operations.

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