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US Army Psychological Operations Officer's Manual

The following quotes are highlights taken verbatim from a US Army Psychological Operations Officer's Manual. As seen with the below image, this publication was not intended for public consumption.

"The Psychological Operations Mission. The mission of Psychological Operations is to influence the behavior of foreign target audiences (TAs) to support United States (U.S.) national objectives. Psychological Operations(PSYOP) are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence the emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals (JP 3-53, Joint Doctrine for Joint Psychological Operations)."
"Behavioral change is at the root of the PSYOP mission."
"Army PSYOP is the preeminent [information operation] core capability and the U.S. military’s primary vehicle for communicating U.S. themes and messages to foreign [target audiences] and influencing their behavior."
"The Required Characteristics of a PSYOP Officer. Successful PSYOP officers are students of influence and human interaction. They employ sophisticated methods to influence often contrary or hostile individuals/groups of people to adopt behaviors favorable to U.S. interests."
"Figure P-1, page iv, is a list of academic disciplines most useful to the preparation of a PSYOP officer at the under-graduate or graduate level."

Figure P-1 Notes: "Psychology, Communication, Social Neuroscience, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Education, Advertising, Broadcasting, Television/Motion Picture Production, Sociology, Anthropology, International Relations, Political Science, Economic/Political Geography, National Security Affairs, Public Relations, Journalism Writing/Editing."
"PSYOP officers have a practical understanding of individual and group psychological dynamics that expose information voids in foreign populations."
The Following Quote Noted Under "Performance Steps" (Step 4:b3):

"Description of propaganda (including disinformation) directed at U.S. personnel and at foreign groups in the area of operations and guidance for countering such operations."
The document goes over a recommended reading list of books and papers in Appendix B, the first document listed was written by notable Satanist Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.
(From the Document's Glossary):
Deception: Those measures designed to mislead the enemy by manipulation, distortion, or falsification of evidence to induce the enemy to react in a manner prejudicial to the enemy’s interests.

Susceptibility: Susceptibility is the likelihood the target audience will be open to persuasion.
Source: US Army Psychological Operations Officer's Manual - (


For the last several decades the US Military, CIA and other co-conspirators are engaging in massive disinformation campaigns. These disinformation campaigns are particularly effective when using directed energy weapons (e.g. Electromagnetic Mind Control) to augment the operations. The above quotes only scratch the surface of psychological operations. I am hoping in the future more documents will be revealed that show the sinister and world spanning psychological operation sphere of influence by the shadowy sources that control the US government.

If you would like to examine modern day psychological operations,
here is a piercing exposé on New Age Psychological Operations.
I would like to thank the wonderful website

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US Military Publication: The Mind Has No Firewall (1998)

The following article excerpts are from the US military publication Parameters,
titled; The Mind Has No Firewall; written by Lieutenant Colonel Timothy L. Thomas (USA Ret.)

Note: Indented/Italic text is from the military paper.

"It is completely clear that the state which is first to create such weapons will achieve incomparable superiority." -- Major I. Chernishev, Russian Army

He was talking about weapons known as directed energy weapons, which I personally know very well... Directed energy weapons are behind remote neural monitoring, electronic telepathy and electromagnetic mind control, which in the modern age are almost completely used as weapons against humanity. The US Government has launched incredibly malicious domestic & international targeting programs with these technologies. These are weapons used against (but not limited to) political dissidents and are being used for population control and societal engineering+.


A recent edition of U.S. News and World Report highlighted several of these "wonder weapons" (acoustics, microwaves, lasers) and noted that scientists are "searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths that can affect human behavior." A recent Russian military article offered a slightly different slant to the problem, declaring that "humanity stands on the brink of a psychotronic war" with the mind and body as the focus. That article discussed Russian and international attempts to control the psycho-physical condition of man and his decisionmaking processes by the use of VHF-generators, "noiseless cassettes," and other technologies.

An entirely new arsenal of weapons, based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages or to alter the body's psychological and data-processing capabilities, might be used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and data-processing systems of the human organism. In both cases, the goal is to confuse or destroy the signals that normally keep the body in equilibrium.

This article examines energy-based weapons, psychotronic weapons, and other developments designed to alter the ability of the human body to process stimuli. One consequence of this assessment is that the way we commonly use the term "information warfare" falls short when the individual soldier, not his equipment, becomes the target of attack.

US Views on "Wonder Weapons": Altering the Data-Processing Ability of the Body

What technologies have been examined by the United States that possess the potential to disrupt the data-processing capabilities of the human organism? The 7 July 1997 issue of U.S. News and World Report described several of them designed, among other things, to vibrate the insides of humans, stun or nauseate them, put them to sleep, heat them up, or knock them down with a shock wave. The technologies include dazzling lasers that can force the pupils to close; acoustic or sonic frequencies that cause the hair cells in the inner ear to vibrate and cause motion sickness, vertigo, and nausea, or frequencies that resonate the internal organs causing pain and spasms; and shock waves with the potential to knock down humans or airplanes and which can be mixed with pepper spray or chemicals.

US Military Report - Read More: The Mind has No Firewall

In truth, the US military sources and US intelligence sources had already developed these technologies for a good long while in the time of this military publication. How do I know? They have been used on me as early as 1986-1988. They have been used on others in their testimony as early as the 60's and 70's. The former government black project scientists Dr. Barrie Trower and Dr. Robert Duncan are good sources of information on these technologies and their usage upon the population...

Here is a targeted individual segment preview of my quasi-documentary, Covert Transhumanism: A Mind Control Documentary. Targeted individuals are the victims of illegal experimentation to research and develop these technologies, but their story doesn't end there.

For more on Directed Energy Weapons, see these websites:

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NSA's Cryptologic Quarterly: Powerline Data Transmission

Quotes from an article from Volume 20 of the NSA’s internal publication Cryptologic Quarterly,
discussing the transmission of data via power lines:

"The hunger for increased bandwidth is driving individuals, corporations, and organizations to seek new methods for delivering Internet service to customers. Many of these methods are well known: radio-frequency (or wireless) communications (such as the IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and the HomeRF and SWAP Protocols), infrared communications (IrDA), fiber-optic channels, high-speed telephone connections (such as DSL and ISDN or the more modern Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA) system). One approach that is still receiving a cool reception in the United States is a highly discussed option in Europe and the rest of the world using the power grid as a delivery conduit for high-speed data communications. This paper provides a brief introduction to High-Speed Powerline Communications (HSPLC): the technologies, political struggles, and future look.[1]"
"XlO, the granddaddy of power line protocols, uses amplitude modulation to send binary information from a controller/transmitter to XlO modules that are plugged into a standard electrical outlet.[1]"
"In a nutshell, the problem is that HSPLC radiates electromagnetic energy off the power transmission lines. Depending on the data rate, signal frequencies of HSPLC can vary from 100 kHz to 30 MHz, a band of frequencies that is highly used for mobile, marine and aeronautical distress and calling, for time signals used by radio astronomers, by airports for civil defense communications - in short, a wide variety of critical communications.[1]"
"Additionally, there is massive resistance by the current users of the proposed frequency band (coming from civil defense organizations, military, scientific (astronomy) organizations - everyone who has a stake in the outcome).[1]"
"Powerline carrier communications is here to stay. It may be limited to a local area network within the home or office, or it may become another medium like telephone modem communications, but it will be used in the future. The only real obstacle to its full development is the lack of a standard around which the entire industry can rally. The future holds the answer.[1]"
This is what the whistleblower Dr. John Hall had to say about this subject:
“... you can listen to the insides of a home with the power lines, i talk to connections that I have that are in our city public service, controls the electric power in San Antonio, they actually talk to each other via the power line. You can hook up to a power line talk from one station [to another], I’m not talking just data I’m talking vocal communication. They can communicate to each other over the power line,… and when I talked to him I said what about listening inside a home, he did say that the FBI occasionally does come to them with a warrant to be able to listen in to a home through the power lines. Explained to me the little circular hole in your power plug that we all refer to as a ground, it's not actually a ground it’s a return. And if you look at the power lines on the poles you’ll have two uppers and one lower, the one lower is the return. And it can be adjusted to where the grid in your home actually picks up your spoken word, and it returns through the return for anybody to listen to.[2]
This is what a former CIA Director had to say related to the subject:
More and more personal and household devices are connecting to the internet, from your television to your car navigation systems to your light switches. CIA Director David Petraeus cannot wait to spy on you through them.

Earlier this month, Petraeus mused about the emergence of an “Internet of Things” — that is, wired devices — at a summit for In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital firm. “‘Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies,” Petraeus enthused, “particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft.[3]"

[1]: NSA Cryptologic Quarterly: Powerline Data Transmission - (
[1]: Backup Link: Data Communications via Powerlines - (
[1]: Backup Link: NSA Cryptologic Quarterly: Powerline Data Transmission - (
[2]: Govt Mind Control Technologies with Dr. John Hall - ( +
[3]: CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher - (

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Civil Trial: Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated by US Government

Cutting right to the chase, a civil court case verdict effectively connected the US government to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

If the dark and unknown truths of the last 70 years come to light, the US government will become known as a prolific killer of activists and dissidents. Activists and dissidents who are the lifeblood of positive societal change...


Coretta Scott King – King Family Press Conference, Dec. 9, 1999:

"There is abundant evidence of a major high level conspiracy in the assassination of my husband, Martin Luther King Jr. And the civil court's unanimous verdict has validated our belief. I wholeheartedly applaud the verdict of the jury and I feel that justice has been well served in their deliberations. This verdict is not only a great victory for my family, but also a great victory for America. It is a great victory for truth itself."

"The jury was clearly convinced by the extensive evidence that was presented during the trial that, in addition to Mr. Jowers, the conspiracy of the Mafia, local, state and federal government agencies, were deeply involved in the assassination of my husband. The jury also affirmed overwhelming evidence that identified someone else, not James Earl Ray, as the shooter, and that Mr. Ray was set up to take the blame."

“We have done what we can to reveal the truth, and we now urge you as members of the media, and we call upon elected officials, and other persons of influence to do what they can to share the revelation of this case to the widest possible audience.”

Dexter King – King Family Press Conference, Dec. 9, 1999:

"There is a very distinct process or protocol that happens when there is an issue of national security. First, there is an attempt to discredit ones credibility. Second, there is harassment. And finally, if that does not work, termination or elimination. That is what happened to our loved one, because he challenged the establishment. He spoke out against the war in Vietnam. He talked about dealing with poverty, by taking poor people to Washington. There was also an interest in the political process. He became too powerful."

Martin Luther King III – King Family Press Conference, Dec. 9, 1999:

"Some people have said that we are crazy. Some have stated that we were trying to do other things. The only thing we have ever tried to do was to seek that which is true."

Source -


The overwhelming evidence of US government complicity found valid by the jury includes:

• US 111th Military Intelligence Group were at Dr. King’s location during the assassination.
• 20th Special Forces Group had an 8-man sniper team at the assassination location on that day.
• Usual Memphis Police special body guards were advised they “weren’t needed” on the day of the assassination.
• Regular and constant police protection for Dr. King was removed from protecting Dr. King an hour before the assassination.
• Military Intelligence set-up photographers on the roof of a fire station with clear view to Dr. King’s balcony.
• Dr. King’s room was changed from a secure 1st-floor room to an exposed balcony room.
• Memphis police ordered the scene where multiple witnesses reported as the source of shooting cut down of their bushes that would have hid a sniper.
• Along with sanitizing a crime scene, police abandoned investigative procedure to interview witnesses who lived by the scene of the shooting.
• The rifle Mr. Ray delivered was not matched to the bullet that killed Dr. King, and was not sighted to accurately shoot.

Let’s summarize: Under US Civil Law, covert US government agencies were found guilty of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. King was the leading figure of the Civil Rights Movement, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and widely recognized as one of the world’s greatest speakers for what it means to be human. The family’s conclusion as to motive was to prevent Dr. King from ending the Vietnam War because the government wanted to continue its ongoing illegal covert and overt military operations to control foreign governments and their resources.

It is therefore a factual statement that under US Civil Law, the US government assassinated Dr. King.

Source -

The same media you would expect to cover such a monumental decision was absent at the trial, because those news organizations were part of that conspiracy. William F. Pepper, who was James Earl Ray’s first attorney, called over 70 witnesses to the stand to testify on every aspect of the assassination. The panel, which consisted of an even mix of both black and white jurors, took only an hour of deliberation to find Loyd Jowers and other defendants guilty.

Source -


“…the silence following these shocking revelations was deafening. Like the pattern during all the investigations of the assassination throughout the years, no major media outlet would cover the story. It was effectively buried.[1]” ~William F. Pepper, King Family Attorney

[1]: MLK Assassination Video: Martin Luther King


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Revamped Article:
CBS News; Declassified Documents Reveal Chemtrails Are Real

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FOIA Document: CIA Sought to Discredit "Conspiracy Theories" After JFK Assassination

In April 1967 the CIA issued a dispatch titled: “Countering Criticism of the Warren Commission Report” where it detailed attempts to discredit and suppress conspiracy truths. For anyone who has researched the CIA this should come as no surprise...

The Memo can be read in full at this link.

Some Snips from the Memo:

"a. To discuss the publicity problem with [?] and friendly elite contacts (especially politicians and editors), pointing out that the Warren Commission made as thorough an investigation as humanly possible, that the charges of the critics are without serious foundation, and that further speculative discussion only plays into the hands of the opposition. Point out also that parts of the conspiracy talk appear to be deliberately generated by Communist propagandists. Urge them to use their influence to discourage unfounded and irresponsible speculation."

"b. To employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose."

"The unclassified attachments to this guidance should provide useful background material for passing to assets. Our ploy should point out, as applicable, that the critics are (I) wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, (I) politically interested, (III) financially interested, (IV) hasty and inaccurate in their research, or (V) infatuated with their own theories."

"c. Conspiracy on the large scale often suggested would be impossible to conceal in the United States, esp. since informants could expect to receive large royalties, etc. Note that [The Now Assassinated] Robert Kennedy, Attorney General at the time and John F. Kennedy's brother, would be the last man to overlook or conceal any conspiracy."

Analysis from
Summarizing the tactics which the CIA dispatch recommended:
• Claim that it would be impossible for so many people would keep quiet about such a big conspiracy
• Have people friendly to the CIA attack the claims, and point back to “official” reports
• Claim that eyewitness testimony is unreliable
• Claim that this is all old news, as “no significant new evidence has emerged”
• Ignore conspiracy claims unless discussion about them is already too active
• Claim that it’s irresponsible to speculate
• Accuse theorists of being wedded to and infatuated with their theories
• Accuse theorists of being politically motivated
• Accuse theorists of having financial interests in promoting conspiracy theories

Source -

According to and several other sources the CIA had sought to weaponize the term "Conspiracy Theorist", and it seems they have succeeded in co-opting perception of conspiracy by effective use of NLP related to the words "conspiracy theory" or "conspiracy theorist." You see mainstream media shills use the term "Conspiracy Theorist" derogatorily, all by design...

(Quotes of Articles Used Under "Fair Use" for Education and Comment)

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UFO Declassified Documents; Winston Churchill Ordered Cover Up in Fear of Religious Incredulity & Panic It comes as no surprise that the people in power wish to preserve the control mechanism of religion. The truth shouldn't threaten a pure paradigm, when the truth threatens a paradigm it is a major sign that the paradigm is corrupted.

"In the waning days of the Second World War, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill allegedly ordered the cover-up of a close encounter between an RAF reconnaissance plane returning to England from the European mainland and a UFO; apparently, the normally unflappable “British Bulldog” supposedly feared that should the encounter become common knowledge it would create mass panic among a war weary population and destroy their belief in religion.

The events came to light following the recent release of thousands of newly declassified documents by the British Ministry of Defense (MoD), relating to unidentified flying objects."
Source: The Winston Churchill UFO Cover-Up -

"Winston Churchill was accused of ordering a cover-up of a Second World War encounter between a UFO and a RAF bomber because he feared public "panic" and loss of faith in religion, newly released secret files disclose."
Source: UFO Files; Winston Churchill Feared Panic -

The files can be purchased here.

(Article Quotes Used Under "Fair Use" for Education and Comment)

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