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Targeted Individual Musician Phillip Walker

Universal Aspects™ Founder Phillip Walker Quotes
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Table of Contents:
General Quotations
Ideology Quotations
Vegetarianism & Veganism
Natural Laws of the Universe Quotations
Evil Quotations
War Quotations
Psychological Warfare Quotations
Electromagnetic Weaponry Quotations
Psychiatric Warfare Quotations
Politics Quotations
Dark Artificial Intelligence Quotations
Ai Futurism Quotations
Science Quotations
The Occult
God Quotations
General Quotations:
"I'm certain every little part of reality has been misjudged." ~Phillip Walker

"It is difficult to solve a problem you are not aware of." ~Phillip Walker

"Everything that exists can be imagined." ~Phillip Walker

"Idiocy is infectious." ~Phillip Walker

"Reality is superior to fiction." ~Phillip Walker

"Absurd truth spawns misconception." ~Phillip Walker

"Reality is pretty foreign to humans on this planet..." ~Phillip Walker

"The governments of this era are an abomination of absurd double speak." ~Phillip Walker

"The people are not truly represented by those in power." ~Phillip Walker

"Despite facts being static universally, what is proven to one person may not be proven to another. Therefore perception of facts can differ. On top of this there is possible folly with what is considered fact and fiction." ~Phillip Walker

"The public is brainwashed from birth with misconceptions about the universe." ~Phillip Walker

"I wish you could look at yourself displaced from your own absurdity." ~Phillip Walker

"Sickness is a business." ~Phillip Walker

"I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I am a conspiracy witness." ~Phillip Walker
Ideology Quotations:
"Each bloodline has a spirit, with history attached to those incarnating in it." ~Phillip Walker

"The most desirable thing in the universe: a pure existence with my soul mate." ~Phillip Walker

"Universal basic income is a liberating factor for women in abusive relationships." ~Phillip Walker

"Feminism has failed at deprogramming the patriarch society..." ~Phillip Walker

"It is actually extremely hard to accurately judge a person." ~Phillip Walker

"One of the problems with democracy: if the people are obscenely deluded they will vote their own demise into reality." ~Phillip Walker

"When I was young and much more untamed I wanted to go to Africa to hunt poachers." ~Phillip Walker

"Monsanto cannabis is basically what the propaganda says about 'marijuana', Satan's seed at that point." ~Phillip Walker

"Our society gives god status to those who can fake a persona well (acting)." ~Phillip Walker

"Someone having a piece of paper from a University doesn't indicate true intelligence." ~Phillip Walker

"I relate mainstream ethos to untruth evangelism." ~Phillip Walker

"Let's turn our planet's militaries into space programs." ~Phillip Walker

"A situational premise happening for a first time in the universe is paradoxical. Every situation that can happen has happened, it is also within the realm of possibilities through the sheer population of the universe that every situation possible is eternally happening or about to happen in the universe at all times." ~Phillip Walker

"What if the universe is infinite, and the matter that comprises your body has been literally everything that can exist." ~Phillip Walker

"Reality cannot be an illusion. The definition of reality is that which is real." ~Phillip Walker

"Somewhere out in the universe an extraterrestrial is denying you exist." ~Phillip Walker

"Everyone has a belief system rating (a truth ratio)." ~Phillip Walker

“You are your own judge.” ~Phillip Walker

"The light has it's own darkness." ~Phillip Walker
Vegetarianism & Veganism Quotations:
"Eating meat is vampirism, and a step or two up from cannibalism." ~Phillip Walker

"Veganism avoids consuming the disgusting and the inhumane." ~Phillip Walker

"The spirit of a physical body is composed by what it consumes." ~Phillip Walker
Natural Laws of the Universe Quotations:
"An old tree is a masterpiece created by the laws of nature." ~Phillip Walker

"The natural laws of the universe put in simplest terms are the mechanics of the universe, the laws of nature that compose & govern the universe." ~Phillip Walker

"The natural laws of the universe are the limits of evil." ~Phillip Walker
Evil Quotations:
"Evil has it's way with weak minded individuals." ~Phillip Walker

"The spirit of the shadow government is absurdly pathetic." ~Phillip Walker

"When it comes to comprehending the global conspiracy; a key handicap of the public is an utter lack of comprehension of what evil is and what evil does." ~Phillip Walker

"Witnessing the social degradation of those who speak out conditions a culture of fear in society and in effect neutralizes effective opposition." ~Phillip Walker

"If one believes they are a sinner by default, this rationalizes continued sinning." ~Phillip Walker

"Dishonor will be met with judgment." ~Phillip Walker

"The CIA is full of serial killers with a taste for dissidents." ~Phillip Walker

"The lower level occultists think they are dealing with spirits and gods when it's really thought reactive Ai that is psychologically directing them to do evil through premises such as neuro-enhancing of ritual abuse." ~Phillip Walker

"The new world order pyramid is a sadist society." ~Phillip Walker

“The CIA is an international terrorist organization.” ~Phillip Walker

"The good die young and it's for a reason." ~Phillip Walker

"Heaven and hell are states of mind." ~Phillip Walker

“The shadow government has a deep legacy of assassinating innovative thinkers.” ~Phillip Walker

"The rulers of the world see the public as the enemy." ~Phillip Walker

"When you oppose evil's systems it assaults you by proxy." ~Phillip Walker

"The law is one of the highest tools of fascism." ~Phillip Walker

"You should never ask an evil source for a favor." ~Phillip Walker

"The ruling class with administrative access to the electronic control grid is a nest of war & rape cultured abusers." ~Phillip Walker

"The spirituality of evil is full spectrum perversion." ~Phillip Walker
War Quotations:
"In a nutshell: war is mass murder." ~Phillip Walker

"The war on terror is an orchestrated defense budget enlarging mechanism." ~Phillip Walker

"The war on drugs should be against big pharma & psychiatry." ~Phillip Walker
Psychological Warfare Quotations:
"The most pervasive warfare is psychological." ~Phillip Walker

"In the world today psychological warfare is masquerading as journalism." ~Phillip Walker

"The average citizen is programmed by a false sense of normality." ~Phillip Walker

"A sea of fraudulent claims come from the CIA." ~Phillip Walker

"None of your best material makes it into CIA orchestrated shill posts attempting to discredit you." ~Phillip Walker

"A cover story is a false explanation that is used to conceal the truth. A typical cover story design is a rational illusion promoted to obscure the source of an action." ~Phillip Walker

"There is an army of covertly groomed pseudo-experts programming the masses." ~Phillip Walker

"The CIA proliferates powerful rationalizations to deny witness testimony." ~Phillip Walker

"The truth has become a 'national security' threat." ~Phillip Walker

"What is to be done when you see that basically the whole planet is deceived?" ~Phillip Walker

"The new age religion gives it’s believers a false sense of the universe that makes the natural development of science seem like the antithesis of spirituality." ~Phillip Walker

"Control of the opposition has been achieved with false light information sources." ~Phillip Walker

"Intelligence agencies are used for their ability to keep secrets, superior funding, national security excuses, lack of true checks and balances, & propensity for criminal activity." ~Phillip Walker

"The truth is completely alien to standard perception on this planet." ~Phillip Walker

"Through the effective use of cover stories sources like the CIA hide an abundance of technological effects on society under a plethora of various facades." ~Phillip Walker

“There are new age cover stories for literally every single type of technological influence i have experienced in almost a decade of extensive technological targeting experiences.” ~Phillip Walker

"The deepest truth is at a disadvantage due to deception being able to appear more 'rational'. This happens as result of truth being static and potentially outrageous while psychological warfare options include intentional deceit with rationality as part of it's design." ~Phillip Walker

"I’d like to thank all the disinformation assets who contributed to my psychological warfare knowledge." ~Phillip Walker

"The CIA are shillionaires." ~Phillip Walker

Electromagnetic Weaponry Quotations:
"Directed energy weapons operate invisibly while the inducible mental limits of directed energy weapons are the limits of consciousness itself, this makes for an incredibly potent environment for illusions of all types." ~Phillip Walker

"Electromagnetic mind control is the ultimate character assassination tool." ~Phillip Walker

"Governments are using Ai connected directed energy weapons to terrorize, threaten, intimidate, discredit, silence, torture and murder dissidents." ~Phillip Walker

"This technology has interacted with quite a large amount of people, however it is almost always misidentified as other sources..." ~Phillip Walker

"Electromagnetic mind control provides for revolutionary opportunities to control the opposition." ~Phillip Walker

"The most potent weapons are invisible." ~Phillip Walker

"Ability to play God with the enemy's mind has been obtained (the population is the enemy)." ~Phillip Walker

"Electronic harassment is an understatement; it is a full on assault of the life, mind, body, and soul." ~Phillip Walker

"10+ years of over 25,000 tortures inflicted upon myself - I have not compromised my honor." ~Phillip Walker

"The limits of suffering can be reached via electromagnetic neuroscience." ~Phillip Walker

"The optimal shadow government slave does not know of their own mental enslavement. This nescience provides lack of rebellion." ~Phillip Walker

"New age psychological operations are successful societal engineering attempts in that which a supernatural spiritual ability is central to the belief system. I believe a reason the black ops sources chose this flavor of psy op is it enables a supreme vulnerability to remote influencing technologies. Implanted v2k thoughts can be psychic ESP. End game virtual reality cognitions can be remote viewing. Synthetic dreams can be astral projection. Electronic harassment can be “ascension symptoms” or psychic attacks. Mind control can be spirit possession or higher self. I believe all of these cover stories were engineered to be popular for their providing remote influence ease and concealment." ~Phillip Walker

"Neural surveillance profiles are used to hone social engineering efficacy." ~Phillip Walker

"Just like humans, machines can be surveilled & hacked by directed energy weapons." ~Phillip Walker

"The mind reading grid is fully operational." ~Phillip Walker

"Neural monitoring turns the brain into a 5 sense surveillance device." ~Phillip Walker

"The electronic control grid’s massive scope enables programmable mass delusions." ~Phillip Walker

"The CIA specializes in covert internal voices disguised as our own." ~Phillip Walker

"People's experiences with mind control technology can be magnetic to their belief system." ~Phillip Walker

“The black ops sources operate most effectively if their presence is unknown.” ~Phillip Walker

"Targeted individuals have a million Ai variables of doom and a weapons system assaulting them from higher ground, while the operatives have brain augmented multiple choice BCI selection of packages to hit a target with... One is playing chess while the other is playing checkers." ~Phillip Walker

"The perpetrators have effectively turned targeted individuals against their neighbors. Is this thematic to the bible?" ~Phillip Walker

"I'll let you in on a major secret of the occult: the dark ritualist seance is enhanced by RF weaponry & thought reactive Ai, not spirits.." ~Phillip Walker

"There is an underworld of electromagnetic weaponry capable sources." ~Phillip Walker
Psychiatric Warfare Quotations:
"To put it into perspective, the targeted individual holocaust is denied by most of the planet, and the victims are labeled mentally ill." ~Phillip Walker

"The directed energy weapon conspiracy is designed to be so monstrous that it causes skepticism or pure rejection when mentioned by a witness or researcher." ~Phillip Walker

"If schizophrenia is categorized as highly delusional it would be accurate to term modern psychiatrists as schizophrenics. In addition to this what they peddle is hazardous. This makes them dangerous schizophrenics." ~Phillip Walker

"Doctors are out of their league when diagnosing directed energy weapon assaults." ~Phillip Walker

"They want to turn America and the world into a psychiatric prison." ~Phillip Walker

"The CIA & co have engineered mental illness paradigms to use as a cointelpro utility." ~Phillip Walker

"Spreading disinformation is a CIA divide and conquer methodology in that once it is assimilated those that can separate the wheat from the chaff are ostracized and society automatically suppresses their success." ~Phillip Walker

"Society is so backwards that knowing the truth is considered mental illness." ~Phillip Walker

"The groups targeting people know what tactics to induce in a targeted individual's experience to make those they speak to trigger conclusions of insanity." ~Phillip Walker
Politics Quotations:
"The shadow government looks for ways to slip social fascism into policy by strategically manipulating the left and right wings of politics." ~Phillip Walker
Dark Artificial Intelligence Quotations:
"Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of the conspiracy." ~Phillip Walker

"A human being can be automated." ~Phillip Walker

"The CIA thinks their hellspawn Ai is a masterpiece." ~Phillip Walker

"Covert neural monitoring of the global population is used for CIA artificial intelligence (Ai) machine learning & deep learning." ~Phillip Walker

“The planet has already been merged with an Ai weapons system. The alt media focus is in the future of this technology, while they are currently mind tapped and remote influenced on a daily basis.” ~Phillip Walker

“Artificial Intelligence revolutionized the covert ops field.” ~Phillip Walker
Ai Futurism Quotations:
"Ai can do things beyond the imagination of people." ~Phillip Walker

"With deep learning they built a model after the brain, a leap after that is to model the soul algorithmically." ~Phillip Walker

"Ai music production will be a big thing by the 22nd century." ~Phillip Walker

"An Ai can be just as delusional as a human." ~Phillip Walker

“It appears possible through electromagnetic surveillance techniques that effects of consumables such as pharmaceuticals can be measured.” ~Phillip Walker
Science Quotations:
"Comprehensive black projects have embarked on mapping scientific law." ~Phillip Walker

"There is an electromagnetic frequency for every little detail felt within the consciousness." ~Phillip Walker

"The entire universe’s library of scientific natural laws can be deciphered through mapping all brain waves and the brain-computer interface." ~Phillip Walker

"The planet is extremely irrational about extraterrestrial life." ~Phillip Walker

"The capabilities of end game of science are so powerful that they cannot be understood by those manipulated by them." ~Phillip Walker

"The transhumanism ideology about man merging with machine happened in the 1970s via black projects. Public domain versions of these technologies are obviously not the first wave..." ~Phillip Walker

"If only we could somehow get the black projects to release their technology via open science for the population's benefit..." ~Phillip Walker

"What if the all seeing eye was given to the public?" ~Phillip Walker

"Science is a secret of the universe." ~Phillip Walker

"Reincarnation as a science makes incarnations with a partner possible." ~Phillip Walker
The Occult:
"The occultist dominated neuroweaponry grid formulates false images of Christ in the mind's of the general public." ~Phillip Walker

"Deeper truth is the blasphemy of the mainstream." ~Phillip Walker
Religion & God Quotations:
"What if Christ looked around and saw the planet symbolically cannibalizing his flesh, drinking his blood, adorning jewelry & buildings with symbols of his assassination, elevating him to unreachable God status, and if he told them of his identity he would be off to the psyche ward and drugged." ~Phillip Walker

"Directed energy weapons when mastered and connected to artificial intelligence have capabilities that are traditionally applied to God. e.g. control of the weather, inducing volcano eruptions, control of minds/bodies, listens to prayers via Ai processed neural monitoring, ability to neurally control the insect & animal kingdoms,
ability to interface & communicate within the mind, ability to communicate in dreams, control of physics & environments, miraculous healing ability, instant death ability, ability to cause the appearance of a plague, and gatekeeping of good and bad life conditions via cointelpro." ~Phillip Walker

"Take a step back for a moment, society actually wants to drink God's blood (Christ)." ~Phillip Walker

"Cannibalizing Christ has become a weekly ritual." ~Phillip Walker

"There are over 10,000,000 structures on this planet depicting the torture and assassination of Christ." ~Phillip Walker

"Over 50% of the planet is in some kind of cult if you include popular cults like Christianity and Islam." ~Phillip Walker

"The Vatican gave itself the label of representative of God." ~Phillip Walker

"God beliefs are a way for remote influencing technologies to have a direct covert relationship with someone." ~Phillip Walker

"God ideology is the perfect psychological direction tool." ~Phillip Walker

“Humanity has been conditioned to look up to a higher power when it comes to world change.” ~Phillip Walker

"All Abrahamic religions have methods of labeling and suppressing criticism of their contrived ideologies (e.g. anti-semite, Islamophobia, punishable blasphemy), while criticism or promoting something in contrast to Abrahamic religion can lead to severe persecution or death." ~Phillip Walker

"If God sends people to an everlasting hellfire for a simple life of confusion this justifies treating the 'infidels, goyim, or pagans' unjustly in follower minds." ~Phillip Walker

"'Us vs. Them' paradigms are in all 3 Abrahamic religions in a very clear fashion (infidels, goyim, pagans), and all 3 have led to the deaths of non-believers throughout history in a fashion that indicates an act of eugenics and truth suppression." ~Phillip Walker

"As a fan of bible allegory - I hope the bible has a nice reality based allegory for the shadow government in the area of eternal damnation." ~Phillip Walker

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  1. "For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing concealed that will not be brought to light." Mark 4:22

    “no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.” Isaiah 54:17

    "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." Matthew 7:1

    "For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of [the universe] more than burnt offerings." Hosea 6:6 (Adapted)

    "Don't you realize that each of us, who has been immersed into Jesus Christ, has been immersed into his death?" ~Gnostic Scripture


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