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FBI Informant: Hitler Escaped to Argentina

FBI Quietly Declassified Secret Files Attesting Hitler Fled to Argentina in 1945

Is it really possible that the Soviets have been lying all this time, and that history has purposely been rewritten?

No one thought so until the release of the FBI documents. It seems that it is possible that the most hated man in history escaped war torn Germany and lived a bucolic and peaceful life in the beautiful foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Source: FBI Quietly Declassified Secret Files Attesting Hitler Fled to Argentina in 1945 ~

The FBI Tried to Hide Hitler’s Whereabouts

Even with a detailed physical description and directions the FBI still did not follow up on these new leads.

Even with evidence placing the German sub U-530 on the Argentinian coast shortly before finally surrounding, and plenty of eye witness accounts of German official being dropped off, no one investigated.

Source: FBI Files Say Hitler Escaped to Argentina after World War 2 ~

Adolf Hitler Declassified FBI Files: Adolf Hitler ~
UPDATE: With the new JFK declassified documents released Fall 2017
more evidence about Adolf Hitler surviving world war 2 has surfaced.

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The newly released JFK declassified document reads:
“CIMELODY-3’s friend stated that during the latter part of September 2955, a Phillip Citroen, former German SS trooper, stated to him confidentially that Adolf Hitler is still alive. Citroen claimed to have contacted Hitler about once a month in Columbia on his trip from Maracaibo to that country as/an employee of the KNSM (Royal Dutch) Shipping Co. in Maracaibo. Citroen indicated to CIMELODY-3’s friend that he took a picture with Hitler not too long ago, but did not show the photograph. He also stated that Hitler left Columbia for Argentina around January 1955. Citroen commented that inasmuch as ten years have passed since the end of world war II, the allies could no longer prosecute Hitler as a criminal of war.”

Phillip Citroen & Adolf Hitler, Columbia 1954 - Image Credit: Declassified Hitler PDF

CIA Declassified Documents Reveal Hitler Alive Post World War 2
Shock CIA JFK files reveal Hitler 'STILL ALIVE'…and there are PICTURES to prove it
CIA Document Reported Adolf Hitler Survived World War II

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