Sunday, September 6, 2015 is Born

On September 6th, 2015; was born.

About the Webmaster / Producer of
I am a Music Producer, Author, Graphic Designer, Video Producer, Activist, Futurist, Targeted Individual, Whistleblower, and Researcher.

In particular I am an anti government corruption activist who believes in bringing to the public's attention corrupt government practices in hope of inspiring change.

I go by the moniker Omnisense online, why I chose that name is explained here. I plan to keep this website up for many years to come, and have no problem investing a lot of time into this website. If you like the articles posted here I suggest signing up for email updates on the right hand side panel...

P.S. I couldn't believe the domain was available in 2015. Luck was on my side...

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Omnisense Bio

I am an underground music producer, independent author, graphic designer, filmmaker / videographer, de-occultist, activist, futurist, targeted individual, street historian, and researcher. I make futuristic psybient music and produce content exposing black project technology & covert operations.

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