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CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan

Dr. Robert Duncan is an Ex-CIA black project scientist who figured out they were targeting innocent people domestically and became a whistleblower. He has some great advice for targeted individuals and some great information in some areas.

This page is dedicated to information about or from Ex-CIA Engineer / Whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan. Anyone willing to courageously blow the whistle on sources like the CIA has earned my respect.

Dr. Robert Duncan Quotes:
“I’ve empowered the darkside by some of my work.[6]
“I’ve worked on projects for the CIA, Justice Department, Department of Defense.[6]
“Correlation does not mean causality.[1]
"...the technology for torture has advanced more than a hundred fold in recent decades.[1]"
"Theres no way any agency or government could possibly admit this level of assassination and torture without a complete collapse.[1]"
George Noory: “With this kind of technology that we have, why aren’t we using it? Why aren’t we pulling out these incredible devices that apparently we possess, and end this thing in a faster way, because this is a disaster over there Robert.”

Dr. Robert Duncan: “The answer’s fairly obvious, our intention is not peace. If you look back in the history of what we’ve done in the middle east, it was always disruption. … It gets much deeper than that.[2]
“There are a lot of different poisons that will not show up in forensics...[2]
“What is the next great weapon [after nukes], it is directed energy.[2]
“...information warfare unit calls ‘chasing the white rabbit’ and in their literature they talk about the war strategy of leading the enemy down fruitless paths and searches of information as far as they can go.[2]
“There’s always a hint of truth behind the disinformation.[2]
“So the public and other countries I imagine don’t investigate further or try to replicate the technology, they usually try to create a cover story or disinformation around the topic.[2]
“The reporters without borders just announced their latest rankings, that the US news is ranked 53rd in the world for free press, and that’s right in the middle of 3rd world countries…[2]
“Their techniques of disguising the way that they experiment on people have improved over 45 years quite a bit, and it relies on plausible deniability.[2]
“Psychologists … aren’t really scientists. Psychology is based on cultural norms, and any deviation from it is considered a mental illness.[2]
“It turns out there is a biological interaction at many different levels with different waveforms.[2]
“So I investigated further, and this EEG Cloning used to be called in both Russia and the US; “Psychic Warfare”. The Pentagon had a unit back in the 70s, and it’s been rolled into psychological operations and informational warfare. Traditionally it’s a mystical energy of how people can remote view and perform other tasks, well there’s an actual technology behind it. We can go into more detail, but this is real. This has been around for a while, it is a type of mind reading. … The next weapon; complete control of the enemy.[2]
“There trying to get a diverse swap of all economics, educational levels, demographics of every kind in order to improve the probability matrices of this weapons system, to control human beings. This will be the ultimate slavery of humankind.[3]
“This gets much more complicated in depth when you talk about these individuals that are very directly targeted with this weaponry, and they can control their lives, break them down, turn them into manchurian candidates. The only reason I can think of why their trying to create violent manchurian candidates like Myron May and [Aaron] Alexis and there’s been several others, is to take away gun rights. Now almost every civilization including the Nazis took away gun rights before they became totalitarian. And so i think it’s just part of the program their trying to exercise.[3]"
“[Mind Control] operates at many levels, from the individual (understanding the individual mind). The brain has been deciphered (behavior modification). You are correct in saying this has been explored at least since [the] 1950s if not much earlier…[4]
“… on a project called mkultra. You can read about this on the internet, it’s all documented; that the CIA was performing mind control experiments on innocent civilians throughout the United States and probably other places in the world. They claimed they shut it down and this is simply untrue, it just went underground. And the national security password is used constantly so that the public cannot know that this is going on. This is really domestic terrorism…[4]
“I’ve been trying to expose this since 2002 I would say, I’ve been in the field for over a decade just trying to expose these technologies. But they’ve existed much before me and when I worked on them. I can find targeted individuals as far as … from 1976 there seems to be a large increase in targeted individuals using this technology. And then again every time the military gets a bigger budget there seems to be more TIs involved. And of course after 9-11 there was a whole bunch of TIs that were brought into this program.[5]
"It is insane what our government is doing.[5]"
“This truly is the most sophisticated weapons system humanity has ever created, it involves every aspect of science…[7]

(Quotes Used Under "Fair Use" for Educational Purposes + Permission Granted for the Coast to Coast AM Audio Transcribing)

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Robert Duncan:
To: Todd Giffen:
Sent: Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 8:50 PM

I know how angry you are. It is unlikely they will kill you but the torture sure feels like it. The real issue will be if they can get you to kill someone else or yourself. That will be your internal battle for awhile. Lowering your stress levels will slow the induction process and the rewiring of your brain. Valium helps. I wish I could say it will end well but most likely this will be your eternal battle. You are up against a ruthless computer program and people.
Aaron Alexis was obviously a target. No one can prove it to the FBI.

From: Robert Duncan:
To: seth17279:
Sent: Thu, Jul 17, 2014 12:36 am
Subject: Re: A serious interview of targets and whisteblowers

Hello Dr. Farber,
I appreciate what you do for TIs.

I don't get involved in individual cases at all. The problem has always been a sound strategy to stop the abuse. Another problem is that these people operate above any laws and there are few skilled enough to decipher the signal intelligence impinging upon the victim. Evidence is difficult to come-by and certainly not understood by the common man that you would find in a court setting. Courts do not have the power to stop this. Public understanding and opinion could sway things but this is a long journey of education. I do what I believe can keep me out of prison and still help inform the populous.

Good luck,
R. Duncan

Source -

Dr. Robert Duncan has 2 books available in bookstores:
Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed || Written by Dr. Robert Duncan

How to Tame a Demon: A short practical guide to organized intimidation stalking, electronic torture, and mind control || Written by CIA Whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan


  1. I'm in Bham So tortured now for 2 years because A lawsuit pending on old job .They have done so much to me .Poison ,damage to house,every time I get in public folks trying to point cell phones in my direction .high pitch Sound to ears .eye damage hair fell out .Since guy moved across the street is when hard torture started .How can u help Name Tamika Driver Bham Al

    1. Be careful who you tell of your targeting for one. They will want to lock you in a psyche ward as a way of marginalizing or neutralizing you. Secondly, analyze things strategically and logically and try to figure out successful formulas.

    2. Hello tamika driver i was also targeted in october of 2016. I am from alabama you can contact me whenever possible.

  2. Hi, I am being torturedas we speak. It seems like there is a technology, that uses 3D images cartoons, real people) being beamed into person's body, as is one had sagittal layers of people's facial expressions, mimics, etc. Which tecilnogy is capable of moving my body (move my arms up, or prostrate in front of my ex-huband (I used belonged to a chan temple) It is capable of remote stimulation of genitals, paralyzing or directing ocular muscles, and moving tongue. There is a significant amount of pain and discomfort associated with it. It uses voices and images of cartoons, and also mechanical equipment (it tunes my EEG with engines of cars, electric equipment)
    I am being threatened since I moved to Mexico. When my ex-husband and I moved to the US, it became better, till 2012, when I came in touch with an American veteran. It sabotaged my career (I am a physician), my reputation was undermined and destroyed, and I was forced to become a human rights activist for free to a degree, that I never planned to become one.

    I used to work coding human behavior in children using Noldus and Tobii, a bit like you, however, I am being threaded day and night that I can't work in any other field than prostitution.
    My ex-husband turned into my perpetrator at some point, and he walked away without consequences.
    I was advised to report it to the Atotorney General, but things that you describe (that I used to take for a scam) are used on me (my family and friends) every day, and I don't want to suffer anymore. This is my priority.

    Any advice as to where I could go to have an expert, such us ourself, help me with removing me from this system. I am ready to move anywhere. are there countries, where this system is not working, or it is acknowledged and openly illegal, and PERSECUTED?

    Please, help.

    1. I believe the grid to do this works in every country. I am not aware of a way to stop targeting, I get abuse all day also.

  3. I just typed the message. ids there a place, where this atrocity is persecuted immediately, a person can report it, be cleaned off any devices, or nano-techolony, their name removed from the list o those, who are targeted, and their reputation cleared ,so that they can resume their job, and reintegrate with their family and friends, or find new ones, without endangering them?

    How is that possible, that politicians are targeted, army veterans, policeman, actors, physicians, yet there is no place to report it, any nobody to go to to become freed and stop suffering?
    I can't take this anymore, it is ridiculous, how one is tortured in a bright day-light, using mass media to describe it, and nobody even cares.

    Any advice on how to STOP IT, apart from disclosing how it is done?

  4. You can use psychic means to locate such perpetrators and surprise them...the force will be with you more than them because their souls are already (usually) in hell and thus have no real power!This is something that few realize...unfortunately (for them) every time these people do this they dig their graves a little deeper.

  5. This thing exists. It isn't going away soon. IMO, efforts should be directed mostly in protecting ourselves from this or looking for similar text to defeat it. If these frequencies can be measured them they can certainly be blocked or interupted somehow.

  6. Cómo puedo contactar a un especialista que pueda ayudar me a denunciar este crimen que me a conducido a intentar con mi vida y está apunto de Acer que intente con la vida de los demás este ostiga miento y está condición que me a en día a día no la aguanto más y estoy dispuesto a lo que sea con tal de salir de esto cada día me intimidan con llevar me a la locura y a perder lo poco que tengo asta querer mandar me a la calle si alguien puede ayudar me o darme información comuníquese a 15109406388 atenta mente Luis flores

  7. I have been targeted since 2001. They never stop and they never will. I have lost everyone and everything I love. I have lost my health. They stop and then they start again with more diabolical and covert harassment. Each abuse outdoes the other and because this is invisible to society I live alone with my situation. This will never end.

  8. Dr Duncan, I’m 48 yrs old and have been gang stalked and RNM for at least 7 yrs. I’ve lost my 22 yr marriage my dental hygiene career and most everyone believes I’m schizophrenic. I’m sure you’ve heard it all so I’ll spare you the horror stories. My question is if these traitors are pumping energy into my system regardless if it’s microwave or ELF or anything on the EM Spectum why can’t we measure it? When I complain about the ringing in both ears which are different frequencies they increase the volume and change the frequency just for shits and giggles. This doesn’t seem all that complicated to me. It’s radiating a human and should not be impossible to measure. I can download an app to detect wireless frequencies. Why can’t we measure low frequency or pulsed frequency etc etc. I’ve been told being under at least 300 ft of solid rock should shield the ELF. Is this true? Please respond. Patrick Flaherty.

    1. This is not a website ran by Dr. Duncan, it is an article featuring him.

      As for your questions they can control implants with normal radio frequencies. I think at all times your body has radio frequency hitting it naturally (or also from DEW). WiFi, cell phone towers, the earth, the sun, all emit RF energy.

      I also heard ELF waves travel through the entirety of the earth, so I'm not sure 300 feet of rock would stop it.


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