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Targeted Individual; Omnisense

Omnisense Whistleblowing Content

Black Project Technology
-Artificial Intelligence (AI)
-Directed Energy Weapons
-Remote Neural Monitoring
-Electromagnetic Mind Control / RF Mind Hacking
-Electronic Telepathy
-Virtual Reality
-Mapping Electromagnetics (Mapping All Static Knowledge in Existence)

Covert Operations:
-Directed Energy Weapon Mind Control Programs
-Technological Illusions / Technological Mind Tricks
-New Age Psychological Operations
-Targeted Individuals; 21st Century COINTELPRO+
-Electromagnetic Mind Control Murder by Proxy
-Electronic Telepathy Impersonations
-Electronic Telepathy Cybernetic Secret Society
-New World Order (NWO) Agenda Full Length Films:

Covert Transhumanism: A Mind Control Documentary
Webpage | Youtube
The Electronic Control Grid
Webpage | Youtube
The Invisible War: 21st Century Targeting
Webpage | Youtube
War vs the Truth: Psychological Operations
Webpage | Youtube Quasi-Full Length Films:

Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals
Webpage | Youtube
Black Project Tech: Electronic Telepathy - v2k
v2k Page | Youtube
Black Project Tech: The Neurobody
Webpage | Youtube
Predictive Programming Explained
Webpage | Youtube

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Anesthesiologist Dr. John Hall

Dr. John Hall is an Anesthesiologist, Targeted Individual Whistleblower & Author. My personal opinion is Dr. John Hall is a highly respectable source that has an important message. The message is about targeted individuals. Dr. John Hall himself was a skeptic of this type of government targeting until he had caught the perpetrators red handed. He has done the world a service by publishing two books (linked below) on electronic harassment and organized stalking...

Omnisense Films w/ Dr. John Hall:
Covert Transhumanism: A Mind Control Documentary

The Invisible War: 21st Century Targeting

The Electronic Control Grid

Dr. John Hall interviews
ELF Technology and Mind Control with Dr. John Hall - (
Govt Mind Control Technologies with Dr. John Hall - (

Dr. John Hall has 2 books available in bookstores:
A New Breed; Satellite Terrorism in America || Written by Dr. John Hall

Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control || Written by Dr. John Hall


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Friday, October 7, 2016

US Army Officer Philip J. Corso

Philip J. Corso is a US Army Officer who blew the whistle by writing a book about the famous Roswell UFO crash. He speaks of reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology in the book. Technology such as Lazers, Neural Headbands, Kevlar, Fiber Optics, and more. Roswell was one of several rumored UFO crashes in the 1930s and 1940s that various government's had apprehended.

Philip J. Corso's Book:

The Day After Roswell


Source: Wikipedia

Philip James Corso (May 22, 1915 – July 16, 1998) was an American Army officer.

He served in the United States Army from February 23, 1942, to March 1, 1963,[1] and earned the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Corso published The Day After Roswell, about how he was involved in the research of extraterrestrial technology recovered from the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident. On July 23, 1997, he was a guest on the popular late night radio show, Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell where he spoke live about his Roswell story. This interview was rebroadcast by Coast to Coast AM on July 3, 2010.


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Monday, December 28, 2015

FBI Informant; Hitler Escaped to Argentina

FBI Quietly Declassified Secret Files Attesting Hitler Fled to Argentina in 1945

Is it really possible that the Soviets have been lying all this time, and that history has purposely been rewritten?

No one thought so until the release of the FBI documents. It seems that it is possible that the most hated man in history escaped war torn Germany and lived a bucolic and peaceful life in the beautiful foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Source: FBI Quietly Declassified Secret Files Attesting Hitler Fled to Argentina in 1945 ~

The FBI Tried to Hide Hitler’s Whereabouts

Even with a detailed physical description and directions the FBI still did not follow up on these new leads.

Even with evidence placing the German sub U-530 on the Argentinian coast shortly before finally surrounding, and plenty of eye witness accounts of German official being dropped off, no one investigated.

Source: FBI Files Say Hitler Escaped to Argentina after World War 2 ~

Adolf Hitler Declassified FBI Files: Adolf Hitler ~

Monday, September 21, 2015

New Whistleblower and Astronaut Pages Up

I have just added a couple more pages today, and a couple more previously to the last update. They are available on the top right side panel. I will be further updating most of the pages with a more comprehensive profile of the whistleblowers.

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Future documents this website will cover:
-Churchill covering up UFOs to protect religious beliefs(UK UFO Declassified Docs)
-Project Bluebird
-Project MKULTRA
+Much More

If you can recommend any whistleblower feel free to comment to me on whatever platform you feel most comfortable on. I am currently looking for whistleblowers to shine a light on with this website. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Beta Whistleblower Pages Up

I have put up the first 3 whistleblower pages. Two former CIA and one ex-NSA. Their pages will be further developed over time. If you have any suggestion for a whistleblower please use the contact me form and suggest them to me :)